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1. Luis Filipe - enamelled plates reserves the right to make any changes to campaigns and information presented in this platform without notice.

2. Luis Filipe - enamelled plates is available to clarify any questions or information related to the content of this Website. For it provides clearly all your phone contacts and location of its stores in the same platform.

3. Data made available on this platform by our customers will be used only for communications of Luis Filipe - enamelled plates not being disclosed to third parties.

4. Prices are detailed in Euros (EUR €) and include VAT at the statutory rate in Portugal.

5. The cost of postage for mainland Portugal are calculated automatically by the platform as the total weight of the shipment.

6. The total amount of your order will be plus delivery as the total weight of the shipment. If you have questions, you should consult Luis Filipe - enamelled plates using the form available on the menu contacts, or by phone.

7. All products have a delivery time up to 4 weeks.

8. Due to the nature of the enamel is normal to have some imperfections, for this product are normally manufactured by artisan processes.

9. The chosen color of the sign, can have a little different tonality, due the configuration of your screen.