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Enameled Dial Station Clock Girod
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Enameled Dial Station Clock Girod

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Made of steel plate coated with 800ºC vitrified enamel
The entire dial is 100% enameled and the colors do not change in tone.
Model: Girod

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"I have looked into other factories across Europe and Asia and I truly have not found any of the same quality as what you are able to produce"

Tarica Phung Navarro
Tarica Phung Navarro

"The scale display was impeccable!
I congratulate your company for the fantastic job. "

Carmo Fontes
Carmo Fontes

Your Excellencies,
Many thanks for sending the photos to the tombs, and congratulations for the excellent work.
António Sousa Estoril


Good night Mr. Luis Filipe Tato
I am pleased to inform you that I have already received my enamelled lamps and I was very satisfied with the quality of your product.
I recommend your company without any doubt.
Let there be good business as well and continue to give life to the enamel in Portugal.
Filomena Alentejo

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