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Paul Garnier Station Clock

Paul Garnier Station Clock

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Extremely rare, station platform clock, from the late 19th century, originally connected to the regulator inside the station. The two movements are also synchronized, therefore, they are slave clocks without independent movements. Cast iron watch for the box, a luxury model An object that will be appreciated by all collectors, as it refers to a time when precision was a cult for all railway workers. It is also a decorative object of industrial type very good for a Hotel, Rural Tourism or workshop, etc. The color of this watch is common green on the platforms of the stations. Maximum height: 67 cm, maximum 36 cm. Maximum depth 52cm, dial diameter 40cm. Weight: between 60 and 80 kg.

Year 1900

Clock in, restoration phase

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"I have looked into other factories across Europe and Asia and I truly have not found any of the same quality as what you are able to produce"

Tarica Phung Navarro
Tarica Phung Navarro

"The scale display was impeccable!
I congratulate your company for the fantastic job. "

Carmo Fontes
Carmo Fontes

Your Excellencies,
Many thanks for sending the photos to the tombs, and congratulations for the excellent work.
António Sousa Estoril


Good night Mr. Luis Filipe Tato
I am pleased to inform you that I have already received my enamelled lamps and I was very satisfied with the quality of your product.
I recommend your company without any doubt.
Let there be good business as well and continue to give life to the enamel in Portugal.
Filomena Alentejo

Enamelled lamps

"We ordered made-to-measure plates for door numbers and bells.
By mistake, the measurements and color had to be corrected, which was done with the greatest kindness and quality by the company in the person of Mr. Luís Filipe, who even gave us a discount.
It couldn`t have been better and we are very pleased with the result that fits perfectly with the type of traditional old house.
Thank you"
Graça Cordovil
Monte Estoril

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